Chinese Input in Emacs on Linux - Attempt 1

How to Add Chinese Input In Spacemacs on an Archlinux Machine

Wilfred Githuka

2 minute read

Since this year started my Chinese documentation has suffered alot since I don’t have Chinese input in Emacs. I use spacemacs as my primary text editor and really need Chinese input.

What Is It Like To Use Linux In A Chinese Environment

How I Use Linux Daily In A Busy Office Environment In Chinese

Wilfred 楚大洋

3 minute read

This is one of those posts I write in a Java Coffee house sipping an expensive cup of tea and wondering why am paying so expensive for milk+tea, but anyway its Java, its expensive because its Java, and the environment is awesome.

Book Review 农民为什么离开土地

A book that seeks to explain more about the rural-urban migration in China. 农民 is a peasant/migrant farmer who are leaving the countryside/village or rural areas to move to the big cities

Wilfred Githuka 楚大洋

2 minute read