Lets face it nearly everyone working in an office environment has a flash drive somewhere nearby. They are the common tools for data transfer in the office environment.

At my workplace, its no different. Sometimes a colleague would hand a flashdrive to copy some document and if its urgent, I cannot start mounting it on the terminal, thats not efficient.

I need Thunar.

Thunar is a file manager that comes with XFCE wm. Its lean and works well for me. Thunar is simple and lightweight and its functionality can be extended through plug-ins.

We first start by installing it.

sudo pacman -S thunar thunar-volman udevil udiskie

That installation includes tools that make it possible to mount large drives. You however need to go to settings of thunar to make the above work.

Then install tools that help in mounting Android devices as USB disks.

sudo pacman -S gvfs-mtp gvfs-gphoto2 libmtp

GVFS is Gnomes virtual file system. The Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) can be used to transfer media files to and from many mobile phones (all Windows Phone 7/8/10 devices, most newer Android devices) and media players

However the MPT implementation across different devices is messy, so its not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Reboot and you are good to go.