After a wonderful time at Sotik, the trainees again organaised a trip to Kisumu to see the city and visit Lake Victoria among other attractions on Saturday the 17th November 2018. This time round the Chinese teachers accompanied us. The day was amazing. I have never been to the lakeside city of Kisumu. Our trainees are drawn from different parts of the country and this time the ones who hailed from Kisumu took us on a tour of the city.

Kisumu is the capital of Kisumu county which lies at the shores of Lake Victoria. Kisumu has an estimated population of 500,000, while the metropolitan region comprising the city and its suburbs and satellite towns of Maseno, Kondele and Ahero was estimated at over 1.5 million as of 2017.


The floating water hyacinth seems to have covered almost the entire surface of the water. This floating mass of vegetation moves from one beach to another despending on the direction of the wind. Despite many attempts by the government, this plant species seems uncontrollable.

image3 ♳ At the Ahero Irrigation Scheme

image4 ♳ The Ahero Irrigation Scheme which gets its water from River Nyando, was started in 1996 and sits on some 4000 acres of which only 2500 is under irrigation.

image7 ♳ At Ahero the main crop is rice which we saw planted in paddies. The scheme produces a variety of rice including: 90% Sindano (IR-2793 & ITA 310), 5% aromatic. (Basmat-370) and 5% hybrid (Arize Tej Gold & Arize 6444 Gold)


Despite the issue of the water hyacinth, the day was well spent. We had lunch at one of the lakeside hotels. The fish we consumed was sourced directly from the lake which was beside us. It was quite good.

The image above does not contain all the trainees, since not all went to Kisumu. If you want to see all the trainees group check out the graduation post.

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