Last week my supervisor requested me to prepare a presentation which I would later give my fellow workmates on how to manage a successful training.

The annual trainings are almost starting and these days we are quite busy doing the final translations before setting off.

We are 4 of us and each shall have their own disciplines to manage. Last year I was translating Welding Technlogy so this year I will be incharge of Agriculture Value Addition, which am very interested to learn.


The training was basically giving them some tips based on my experience at Kisii National Polytechnic for the Welding Techology training. I was a difficult training but I got a chance to learn alot when it comes to managing the whole training project.

It was a good time standing before my colleagues and sharing my experience and my mistakes so that they dont have to make them too.

That I can say was a highlight of the week.

Back to code…Project Update: The mapping project was well received though am still stuck at the mapping roads and landmarks step. I hope to be done with this since my exams are starting on Tuesday which means I will be quite busy for the next 2 weeks.

I have taken leave from work do sit for my exams so I guess I can squeeze some time to finish the mapping project.