The following are some of the issues which remain unsolved so far in my ArchLinux i3 Chinese machine. Some are language specific, some are just system based configuration.

No Chinese Input Support in Spacemacs

This is by far the biggest issue am yet to solve. Last year I remeber solving this issue but because I did not document my process, after re-installing Archlinux I have to do it again.

Here is where the importance of documenting one’s progress.

I have however made some attempt and you can read my thought process here

There is still no success. But am working on it.

[SOLVED]Windows Size Out Of Screen

The dialog box is always out of resolution and sometimes I cannot see the file name especially when saving a document from the internet. I suppose this is a Chromium issue, but its very frustrating.


The maximum and minimum dimensions of floating windows can be specified. If either dimension of floating_maximum_size is specified as -1, that dimension will be unconstrained with respect to its maximum value. If either dimension of floating_maximum_size is undefined, or specified as 0, i3 will use a default value to constrain the maximum size. floating_minimum_size is treated in a manner analogous to floating_maximum_size.

A more simpler solution is to just hold the mod+right-click when the window pops up the drag to resize to the appropriate size.

Problem Solved.

No Chinese Input Support in Terminal - Zsh

I still dont have Chinese charcter support in oh-my-zsh. I think its a fonts problem since I can input Chinese characters but they show up as boxes.

Copy Paste Issues in Zsh

How does one copy-paste in oh-my-zsh?

Printer Suport is Having Issues. Blank Page Printout

This I tend to think its a driver issue for the printer. When I send a file to the printer, I get a blank output while the printer goes into a printing frenzy.

WeChat Support/alternative in ArchLinux

The Linux Wechat app that I used to have is no longer maintained. 项目不再维护. There is a tutorial here on Linux Babe which I will try out later.

PDF Preview support in Ranger

Ranger is an awesome file manager. I know that It has an awesome PDF preview. Oh-my-zsh I think it should have a PFD preview which should come in handy when scanning many documents.

[Solved] Android USB Tethering Support

This issue I have since resolved it well and you can read the solution here

[Projector Connection Issue]

Projector connection is not so straightforward as it is on Windows. However after reading some online documentation, am almost there to attain successful connection to a projector. This might come in handy if am told to give a presentation in the future. There is an application called arandr that should simply the process according to the documentation for xrandr