Its not everyday when someone appreiciates your hard work. The feeling that comes with this is amazing, knowing that you did your best. The trainees at our training are a wonderful lot. I was invited to one of the trainee’s home, where there was a goat eating ceremony which was organaised by the trainees. The bond and homliness that I saw there despite all of us coming from diffrent parts of the country, and different cultures was warm. We prayed, learnt how to slaughter, skin, boil and roast meat.


During the day we had sessions where some the planning commitee and family members shared on the progress and also about the training.

Sotik lies in the larger Bomet county and its a 1.5hour drive from Kisii Town.

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Mr. Rotich’s family is very humble and the location of the home is in a very serine environment. One does not have to understand a language to see love flowing in a family. The home is very beautiful and the land is quite fertile.

The day was well planned and we should do this again,

Thank you to Mr. Rotich and the organaising commitee