Konoin Technical Training Institute is a relatively new institution, but the rising student population is what amazes me. The school has already 1,800 students and upto 50 teachers. The school’s infrastructure is rapidly growing and by the time we were starting the training, a front court was under-construction.

The training started this week and it has been smooth sailing since we started off. Much of the content revolves around Food Science and Chemistry. I really have alot to study so that the translation becomes smooth.

Chinese Reading

I have been on a mission to improve my Chinese reading skill but there has been alot of distractions since the welding training was completed last year. That was when my reading really improved. But since then I have not given it alot of time. This time round I plan to use the 5 months here to read alot of Chinese text in a bid to kick in the reading spirit.


I can’t lie that this training’s content is more complex than anything I have ever handled before. It has alot to do with Chemistry and Biology, some subjects which were not my best in high school.

For this training I have an elaborate plan to ensure that I can deliver the most accurate translation I can. First and foremost there are some lessons and mistakes that I learned from the last training in Kisii for Welding Technology which I hope not to repeat them here.

Environment & Coldness

Bomet County generally is cold. This past week its been crazily cold especially in the evenings with strong winds making it all worse. Day time temperatures are also low but the sun warmness is making things better here.