This is a first or a series of posts about improving my Chinese knowledge about automomous cars, more so 无人驾驶汽车技术。


Its all about a video that I came accross about Self Driving Cars which was entitled 无人驾驶汽车里我们有多元。 This project is just like providing Chinese subtitles to the video. I hope by listening to all they say and noting it down, I will increase by technical knowledge on autonomous vehicles 2 fold. It a fun and at the same time interesting project

The main objectives behind this are as follows:主要的目标

  • Create a vocabulary bank of technical terms related to Self Driving Cars in Chinese.
  • To have debating & explanation skills in Chinese
  • To improve spoken Chinese
  • To improve written Chinese since I have to script the while clip
  • To improve listening skills by listening as many times until I hear 100%
  • To improve my presentation skills and confidence

Implementation 实施

  • Listen 听
  • Listen Again 在听
  • Listen More 在听一下
  • Then write what you have heard 写上你听到的内容
  • Completion: Late March 2020

Clip Details

  • Total Video Length: 01:03:24
  • Video Format: .mkv
  • Video Size: 344.9MB

中-英 Artificial Intelligence Terminology

There is a great Github repo which contails a long list of AI terminologies translated into Chinese. Its a wealth of info for any budding IT guru who wants to transit between Chinese and English. It shall be a good reference kit for this project so I thought it be wise to mention it here.





下载后你会发现视频的大小比较大,不方便放在手机上随时看。我建议你可以转换他到语音。.mp3 的大小比较小。