An analysis for my second work report which I did in LaTeX and what I have learnt so far as compared to the first one last week. Archlinux + Spacemacs + LaTeX + Chinese Characters = My Work Environment.


If you are reading this and its not making sense, please first read my first report analysis then come here and it will all make sense.

So in a summary, over the last 2 weeks I have been getting my hands dirty in LaTeX. LaTeX is a high quaity typesetting system used in scientific documentation. I am very interested to know how to use this so I incorporated it into my workflow. LaTeX is actually a document preparation software which is free. Its pronounced as Lay-tech.

LaTeX(LATEX,音译“拉泰赫”)是一种基于ΤΕΧ的排版系统,由美国计算机学家莱斯利·兰伯特 (Leslie Lamport)在20世纪80年代初期开发,利用这种格式,即使使用者没有排版和程序设计 的知识也可以充分发挥由TeX所提供的强大功能,能在几天,甚至几小时内生成很多具有书籍质量的印刷品

So Last week’s work report I did it in LaTeX and it was amazing, but not beautiful. It was my first LaTeX publication, but needed some work.For this week’s work report I have learnt some new tools like adding images and bullets to improve the appearance of the report. All the changes are listed below in the changelog list.

The .pdf output was at 6MB, I think I can reduce the size in next weeks report.

v2.0 Changelog

  • Added 3 images with caption, accomplished using figure
  • Re-organaized the front header to give a clean appearance

Challenges & Recomendations

  • I still don’t have a header and footer which I think is important for an official document.
  • Am having a font issue where the overall font size appears small and hard to read on desktop, but on mobile its good.
  • Incorporate LaTeX into my workflow - On a normal day I meet alot of new words which is good, but at the same time bad if I cant note them down, I hope I can connect LaTeX with Org mode and come up with a custom workflow.
  • I plan to have more details and small shortnotes in future releases.

Thats all for now, lets see how next week’s report will look like.